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Paying for Performance


This Pay for Performance (P4P) section shows three examples on how to structure a financial reward based on actual performance. The example workbooks contain a sheet with a P4P Matrix showing a list of achievements expressed in Mile-Stones(MS) and Verifiable Indicators(VI), each with a maximal and minimal value plus sheets on applying a weight to these achievements. At the beginning of the contract the parties agree on what achievements should be included, their weights, their minimal and maximal levels and the maximal amount to be rewarded.At the end of the contract, the obtained achievements determine what the 'Score' is of each item in the performance matrix and multiplying these 'Scores' with their respective 'Weights' results in the actual financial P4P.The three examples are:




A Performance matrix to determine the size of a bonus for an executive.

A General Budget Support Matrix based on a Government structure and the Poverty Reduction Strategy.

A Sector Budget Support Matrix using a structure of a Log-Frame .

Each gives background information on the specific subject and the possibility of seeing the detailed contents of the Excel workbook in which the particular example of a choice structure is elaborated. This workbook consists of three groups of sheets: one for indicating the expected minimal and maximal achievements, a second for the "Guts" part providing the possibility of giving a weight to different achievements and a third showing the effect weighting has on the maximal and actual "Payments for Performance". To find out in detail the contents of the workbook one can download a PDF file, that is showing all the sheets, watch a movie showing the effect changing weights in the "Guts" sheet has on the payments for performance or one can download the workbook. This last option will allow an interested party to test the flexibility in weighting and its effect on payment and to view the MS Excel programming features in the cells. For this we ask a small contribution in Euros, which can be paid through a secured 'Paypal' account or by a commonly used Credit cards, guaranteeing a commitment from CERC, to answer any questions one might have.