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Welcome to Choice Architecture

Thank you for visiting this CERC site on Choice Architecture.

In the public sphere, policy makers have to make choices on how to use public funds in the interest of the public. The aim of this site is to show that such choices can be transparently made. Firstly because the choices can be designed and constructed with clearly formulated goals and objectives that define public interests in a manner that allows interest groups to participate. Secondly, because they provide the decision maker the possibility of steering the choice in the direction he thinks fit and to check the extent to which his preference has an effect on the selection of the most appropriate choice.The site presents examples on how to design, construct and model a choice. Five examples demonstrate the design of decisions between alternatives, in which changing the preference for what one wants to achieve influences the "ranking" order of the alternatives. Three other examples show the design of "Pay-for-Performance" schemes in which one is able to define performance, to determine the significance in performance and the extent in which this might influence the size of payment.

I hope you appreciate its contents and if you have any suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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